I sit at my desk, I have plenty to do. But instead I chose to write. Writing has been an escape for me, I write the pain away. It has been a good way to release for me.

This blog is that, a release. I tend to keep to myself, I tend to internalize. I need to talk things out when I am having internal conflict with myself or anyone.

I am able to detangle the chaos.

I can see it in my mind; I can see how my action or lack thereof brought me to the situations I am in.

I don’t have any issue to resolve but have you just sat and observed all that is?

I am sitting here watching the palm trees from the window, the wind making them dance for me. It’s a beautiful sight to see.

I am tiny in this world. I am but a mere soul in the universe. I watch the plants on the window and see how day by day they grow. I water them and I talk to them, I see them giving birth to a new leaf or I see them grow stronger.

I also see how they let go, of those that no longer serve them. It’s a part of the cycle. Let go, to allow something else within us to flourish.

How beautiful is that. The plant doesn’t see it as anything else but growth. But we humans tend to put so much thought into letting go.


It’s all part of growing. We should be more like nature and allow. But here I sit knowing that we have emotions that make things so much more complex.

Observe how magical we are and how magical everything else is. I had a blister on my thumb the skin peeled off and the skin was raw. It hurt to the touch or any movement.

I have been watching it heal. How amazing is our body. Every day I saw the progress, the energy it took to heal me. It didn’t ask for anything it just healed.

Now the wound has healed it sealed itself and left no scar. We take advantage of the power of our body. How wonderful it is to us, and yet some of us disrespect it. We don’t nourish it; we abuse it to a degree. But it doesn’t care it still heals us.

Observe how small you are in this universe yet powerful. We are creators. We bring life into the world.

We are so complex. We are a part of all that is.

I sit here in awe of what is. Of how everything just flows, if we allow it. .

Nothing is ever out of place, everything coexist in harmony, if we allow it.

Allow it.



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