Ego is destructive and a liar.

When we live life through ego we are living through fear.

Ego exists in fear. It feeds on fear. Its self serving.

Its focus is to “protect” those living in ego or allowing ego to take over. Ego doesn’t live from place of love.

Love and ego don’t co-exist. Ego is pain it creates hostility, its envy, its hatred, its control.

I have met a few people who exist in ego. They are always guarded. Always ready to strike. They take things as attacks. They perceive life in a way in which they want to control. Because controlling the situation in their mind makes it easy.

They are manipulators, and liars. Some to a point that they believe the lies they tell.

I had a run in with one. I don’t like lies; I don’t see the point in lying. All things hidden always come to light. I am honest and transparent and I want that in return. I was blinded I chose to believe even though my instinct said otherwise.

I caught that person in a lie. I had proof, I showed him and I just said “please don’t lie to me; I am the last person who wants to be fed lies. You know this, the lies never stay hidden they always come to light.”

Well his reaction surprised me but it didn’t. He denied it all, even though I had proof. He went off like I have never seen before, accusing me of lying. Trying to blame me for his outburst. I was to blame for his anger, because he was livid.

How dare I?

I sat there and just read what he said. I wasn’t angry, I had no reaction. Nor did I respond, because I don’t argue with ego.

I recognized the ego fighting and trying to defend itself. I let him say what he needed. Accuse, blame, and hurt. That’s what ego does. In his mind he is right, he believes the lie he told. Who am I to argue? Nothing I could have said would have changed that. I stepped back. I allowed him to be who he thinks he is.

People don’t faze me like they used to. I have learned to see beyond the face they give to the world. It makes me sad that some feel the need to live life hidden. I am a very understanding person, I understand life. I don’t need to be told fables. I don’t get the point of lies. I really don’t.

This was eye opening to me. I chose to see this person in his true essence. The person living through the heart. True self has no room for ego. True self is love.

I realized not everyone is living in that way. But still I choose to see the good in people. He went into defense mode, and stung who he thought was the enemy trying to take the mask off.

I am not the enemy. The enemy is ego.

Once we start to see what ego does and we are mindful we become conscious of that and change it. The soul has no secret that the behavior does not reveal. It all comes to light.

There is so much magic in honesty and I wish everyone could see that.

People, who are hurt, view the world as a hurtful place. We all react from a place of our state. We don’t separate it. Those who are in pain who are suffering inflict pain. Love them anyway. Because they need it more than you realize. That’s how they protect themselves they sting others.

I get it. I see it.

I still love you for my love has no conditions. But I won’t allow your ego to hurt me. I won’t allow your ego to belittle me. I will love you from afar until you see who you truly are.

– Z



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