Money has been thought of as the root of all evil. Why?
Money comes to all of us with ease if we allow it to. But most have this love hate relationship with money. So what happens? We keep it away. We create blockages; we create situations in which we lack money in which money is drained from us.
For money to flow to us we must remove the taboo that we have created with it. Money is a blessing. Money flows to me easy. So, said my higher self. I agree it does. When, we create the mentality for it.
But when we come from a place of lack and a mentality of such well guess what? YOU will lack. It’s that easy. We have to change our mentality with Money. Those who have money flowing to them don’t think money is bad at all! In fact they love it and they know it will come to them.
It’s the law, she said. What we think we create. I know it sounds like magic right?
But guess what, we are creators. What we focus on becomes. EASY. All that focused energy has to become something. Be mindful of how you think of money or anything else for that matter. The thing is in order to manifest it you must believe it is coming without an ounce of doubt.

Trust me in works.
The knowing and that intent will bring it to you. We are magical beings.
Does it sound like a bunch of crap? Well that’s your perception. You aren’t ready for the abundance yet. Open your horizons to the magic that is this place.
We all get to this point eventually some sooner, than others. But its ok, the time is always right. I see friends struggling trying to earn it. They have the mentality that it’s hard to obtain. I have tried to explain it but I sound crazy and that’s ok. They don’t think it can be so easy. But it is.
Create your reality!
I can bring the horse to the water but I can’t force him to drink.

– Z


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